Church it Up! is so innovative, we'd prefer to meet with you to discuss it's many benefits and capabilities.

What does it do?

For the individual,  Church it Up! makes finding Christian and family-friendly events simple and easy.

For the church partner, Church it Up! takes marketing your event or church service to the next level. Church it Up! puts your event(s) in the hands of people who have downloaded the Church it Up! app.

How much does the Church it Up! app cost?

The app is free to the user (general public) and a very low, nominal cost to churches.

How do I get it?

Church it Up! is working hard to build a stellar database of innovative, active churches.

Soon you will be able to download the app in either the Apple or Android store.

How do I get my church/ministry/organization added to Church it Up!?

Church it Up! is committed to promoting quality events to the general public. As a result, we are selectively and prayerfully meeting with churches to develop the church database.

If you are a church or Christian organization interested in being listed, contact us today! A member of the Church it Up! team will contact within 24 hours.


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