Millennials and Church

church it upChurch it Up! founder, Ben Williams shared an interesting story with us today. He said someone told him that an app designed to help churches and people stay connected simply doesn’t make much sense.

“After all, Millennials are leaving the church in droves!” they said.

He didn’t bother arguing against the statement. That’s negative energy and likely would accomplish little.  Instead, he prefers a more constructive response. He believes all criticism can hold a seed of benefit for every recipient.

This conversation prompted us to be a little more specific about exactly what the Church it Up! app will do.

First off, our mission is not simply to get people into a building.

In the Bible, the term “church” was never meant to be synonymous with a physical building or location.  It references a gathering or group of believers.

Our mission is to encourage and allow Christians to come together using a simple, innovative 21st century platform.

Going to “church” doesn’t always mean musicals, services and revivals. Sometimes “church” will look like a Christian poetry night, a meaningful class or even a Christian movie night.

By no means are we advocating that folks should not gather regularly at a building to worship Christ and fellowship with other believers. That’s how we, as Christians, grow and gain our support!

We, at Church it Up!, just want to emphasize that church happens when and wherever believers gather together and that’s our main goal!

Let’s Church it Up!

#Hebrews 10:24-25



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