The Church it Up! App! is a FREE mobile app designed to connect You with other Believers!

Let’s Church it Up!

Re-Charge your spirit with other Believers at local Christian events!

We all face many challenges in life: job troubles, relationship issues and failure.

How do we get encouraged to continue? How do we get spiritually re-charged to go on and fight through the difficulties of life?

The answer is....  Fellowship with other Christians! That is our mission through the Church it Up! App. Our app will connect YOU with other believers in your area through fun Christian events that match your preference. Our app displays local Christian events such as: Musicals, Concerts, Conferences, Small Groups, Community Service Projects and much more!

Event Notifications

No need to check the app every 5 minutes to check to see what has been posted! You will receive a push notification once an event is posted in your area!

Calendar Reminders

We make it supper easy to remember the date and time of the events you want to attend! All of our events can be added and sync'd to your calendar!

Event Details

Each Church it Up event will include specific details about the event. Information will include:  date, time, location, ticketing info, and all pertinent details.

Maps & Directions

No need to worry if you need directions to the event! We have integrated Google Maps in our Church it Up app and will give you GPS directions to the event!

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